Party Room Details:

1. The party room can hold up to 22 people.

2. We do not charge for the party room, however; we do require a deposit to hold and reserve seating. Your head count will depend on the deposit amount. If your head count changes we can try to accommodate you but can not guarantee we will have the seating available.

3. You will have enough seating for the booked amount of people.

4. You may bring in a cake and ice cream. No other outside food is allowed.

5. Nothing can be hung from the walls. No confetti or glitter is allowed.

6. Unless you reserve the whole room there is a possibility that you will have to divide the room with another group of people.

7. Customer has the room for 2 hours from the booked time-not from when all guest show up. Example: Reserved time is 6:00. Customer has the room until 8:00.

8. If your party has not arrived 20 minutes after the booked time we will no longer hold your reservation and your card will be charged for the agreed amount.

9. We do not allow items to be sold in the restaurant. Mary Kay, Avon, Trunk Show, Thirty One, Etc.


Party Room Inquiries

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