Chicken Tender Salad                                8.5

Grilled or crispy chicken tenders, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, shredded cheddar cheese and bacon bits.

Spinach Salad                                             7.0

Baby spinach leaves, tomatoes, boiled egg, bacon, red onions, dried cranberries, fresh mozzarella cheese with a Raspberry Vinaigrette

House Salad                             Sm 3.2  Lg 6.5

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and carrots



Naked Spicy Wings                                     8.5

Served with ranch or blue cheese

Seasoned Edamame Peas                         5.0

Fried Green Tomatoes                               5.5

Cheese Fries                           Sm 3.9  Lg  6.9

Smothered with cheese and bacon bits

Steak Fries                               Sm 2.5  Lg 4.5

Shoe String Fries                     Sm 2.5  Lg 4.5

Beer Battered Onion Rings    Sm 3.5  Lg 5.9

Beer Battered Mushrooms                       7.5

Served with horseradish dipping sauce

Chedder Balls (Best Seller!)                    7.5

Served with marinara sauce

Mozzarella Sticks                                      7.5 

Served with marinara sauce

Crispy Dill Pickle Slices                             7.5

Served with ranch dipping sauce

Toasted Italian Sausage Ravioli               8.7

Hand Tossed Chicken Tenders                 7.5

Boneless Buffalo Chicken Tenders         8.0

Crispy Fox Hot Wings                                8.9

Served with ranch or blue cheese


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Antipasto Salad                                           7.5

Pepperoni, ham, black olives, green olives, red onions, banana peppers and tomatoes on a bed of fresh lettuce

Chef Salad                                                   8.5

Ham, Turkey, black olives, green olives, red onions, bacon bits, cucumbers, carrots, shredded cheddar cheese on a bed of iceburg lettuce

Add Grilled or Crispy Chicken to any salad- 2.5

Available Dressings: Ranch, Honey Mustard, Blue Cheese, Golden Italian, Thousand Island, Vinaigrette, Fat-Free Ranch